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Deep Dive: Istio Wasm extensions workshop
Three years in the making, Istio now has a powerful extension mechanism for adding custom and third-party Wasm modules to sidecars in the mesh. Wasm promises to make the mesh and gateways easily extensible by developers. At Tetrate, we believe this technology is maturing quickly and therefore we have been investing in upstream Istio to make the configuration API, distribution mechanism, and extensibility experience starting from Go easier. We think this will enable a whole new direction for Istio.

To help you take full advantage of Wasm in Istio, we’re offering a free workshop on how to create your own Wasm plugins as well as how to use off-the-shelf plugins from any OCI registry to expand the capabilities of the mesh.

The workshop curriculum will include:

- How Istio manages plugin configuration, acquisition, and deployment
- An overview of Proxy-Wasm, the application binary interface (ABI) for Wasm plugins in Istio and Envoy
- Best practices for writing plugins and plugin lifecycle management
- Hands-on labs where you’ll build and deploy your own plugin
- A chance to talk to the experts in Wasm extensions for proxies


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